Book Group

The 2nd Generation Book Group

The Generations After, Inc. sponsors a book group which currently meets every other month on Zoom. The group was formed in March 2011 for paid members of The Generations After to read and discuss a variety of Holocaust-related literature: history, political analysis, memoirs, fiction, with a special emphasis on second generation authors’ reflections on the impact of the Shoah on their families and on their lives.

Attendees have opportunities to share personal experiences as children of parents who were victims of the Holocaust. We are a small, unique group. While each of us have different family stories, we are supportive of one other’s need to learn and share our feelings about being members of the 2nd generation of Holocaust survivors, specifically those of us born at the end of World War II or to child survivors.

Occasionally, we invite authors to attend meetings and participate in book discussions and answer our questions.

Members also select future books to read. Recommendations must:

  • be made by a book group member, not the book’s author.
  • have been read by a member who is able to explain why the group should read it.
  • be presented during a current book group meeting.
  • be approved by book group attendees.

To participate in the book group, membership in Generations After is required. Join here.

For more information, contact Charlotte, the book group coordinator, at

View the list of books the 2nd Generation Book Group has read and discussed.

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