Overview and Past Programs

The Generations After has an active program committee that meets regularly to plan our quarterly events. We host authors, artists, scholars, politicians, and experts in the Holocaust field. Through our films, lectures and discussions, we explore the impact of the Shoah on survivors and descendants. Personal reflections emerge during our Book Group meetings, Writer’s Group sessions, and Speakers’ Bureau forums. We collaborate with community groups to commemorate the Shoah every year. Through our newsletter, we connect our members to Holocaust-related programs and events throughout the community.

The Generations After activities include:

  • Hosting programs with authors, artists, scholars, politicians and experts in the Holocaust field
  • Co-sponsoring local Holocaust-related commemorations and activities consistent with our mission
  • Exploring the impact of the Shoah on survivors and descendants through films, lectures, discussions and our book group
  • Providing social opportunities for members and inter-generational community building activities
  • Providing emotional support for shared issues
  • Supporting our parents and other survivors through advocacy for survivor needs
  • Sharing information and resources on Holocaust-related programs, events, lectures, films, exhibits, and conferences
  • Networking with local, national and international Holocaust organizations: Yad Vashem, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), Generations of the Shoah International (GSI), World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors & Descendants
  • Providing speakers to community groups and speaker training workshops.

Pre-pandemic intergenerational programs and recent online events include:

Virtual events include:

  • What IS the Future of Holocaust Education? – Gen After’s May program highlighted the current state of Holocaust education in our schools (public, private, and higher learning), the challenges inherent in this process, and what the future may hold. Learn more.
  • Beauty After the Holocaust: A Mother–Daughter Conversation – Watch the recording of the January 9 program featuring internationally acclaimed artist and author Mindy Weisel in an interview with her daughter Ariane Weisel Margalit.
  • Congressional Commemoration for International Holocaust Remembrance Day – Gen After is a co-sponsor of  ShinDC’s event each Januarry. Event partners include the embassies of Israel and Greece, and members of Congress and other foreign dignitaries also participate.
  • Yiddish and Jewish Women Resistance programs
  • Garden parties and annual membership meeting and tea

View additional event recordings on our YouTube Channel.